Write SEO Rich Posts For Your Blog

Many sites offer a good position in Google for some amount. However, I do not think it is worth paying someone for it as you can do it yourself keeping in mind the following tips. I follow the same for my Blog and I get appreciable traffic from organic search. I will also show you how it worked for me.

I have seen most of the Bloggers using the same title for both the post title and meta title. Post title is the one which is visible to your readers and meta title is the one which is visible to Search Engines. You must use keywords with less competition in both the post title and meta title. Try to keep both titles different but keyword rich. This will bring up your article to the top in search results for keywords used in both titles.


  • Selecting the proper Keywords I personally do not feel that entering meta keywords helps much. All you must concentrate on is the keyword density. Keyword density is the number of times the keyword is repeated a particular page. You can make use of the Google Adwords tool to select keywords. But if that doesn’t seem to help, you can consider yourself as the person searching on Google and think about what would you type in Google Search to reach the article you want to optimize.

As you can see above, you must always try to use long tail keywords. Try to introduce such keywords in the first 4-5 lines of the post as they are the most important ones. You can enter the same keyword in meta keywords too.


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